Wednesday, February 9, 2011

south florida

about a week ago, i returned to Pennsylvania after a two week long fair in West Palm Beach.  I was finally able to work with Nick Mitchell and Sean Gardner which i have been dying to do since i met them.  Knowing my desire to learn coupled with my super human sponging ability :) i busted out some of my best work yet! my coloring is getting better but still is pretty awful and i have a long way to go yet.  But i will say that this trip was a dream come true!

I swear that is how he looked when he came up to the stand, and apparently all the time according to her.  I love when i can capture a personality :)

This one is probably my favorite one from the fair.  both faces came out just the way i wanted them to, the line work was solid, and they were amazing customers.  Definitely 2 thumbs way up!

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