Friday, February 11, 2011

New Friends!

Living out here in Mechanicsburg gets frustrating for me at times because all of my art friend are over two hours away.  I miss the times that we went to life drawing sessions together or the ever amusing drink and draws at the coffee shop in Bethlehem.  Moving to a new place usually means meeting new people, but because my job takes me out of state, it makes it harder to meet like minded people.

For reasons beyond excuse, i finally looked up possible places online to life draw for free.  I thought life drawing would be a good place to start in my quest to connect to people.  I stumbled upon a Central PA Meet group that was meeting that night in a church and decided to just go for it.  It turned out to be just like those nights i spent with my friends at the classes and the drink and draws.  The conversation was great and i drew a lot of doodles that i'm proud of.  And i talked way too much about caricatures, but am realizing more and more just how much that one job decision two years ago changed me forever.

Here are my sketches from last night.  Page one is from the small chapel (where an old man was snoring behind us and i felt thoroughly uncomfortable where people are praying and crying) and the second is from the bar we went to afterwards.

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