Monday, February 7, 2011

New Year

I have an iPad, and i already know what you're thinking.  Big iPod right?  Oh so wrong my friend.  I can do just about anything on this bad boy, including digital painting.  I got this program called sketchbook Pro that allows me to do most of the basic digital painting and drawing with the touch of a fingertip.  It helps when you are on the road and need to do that sketch everyday but find you have no paper or pens.  So here are a few rough paintings i started.  The first i did during the superbowl. i swear I was rooting for the steelers.

Suprise! the last one was created by my cousin melissa after some coaxing.  I actually really like its simplicity and coloring.  And she claims she is no artist.  P-Shaw is what i say to that.  Go Mo!

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