Friday, November 13, 2009

I love cards!

These are some cards i made and sent out to people:

This is a family from my church.  They wanted a picture to put on their Christmas card, but i doubled the fun by making the pic an 8 x 10.  Its a card AND artwork. GENIUS!

Inside:  "Hush Child, I'm trying to fix your HAIR."  Its a card for my Nana and Poppop for their Birthday! tee hee hee.
The illustration also doubled as a Late "Illustration Friday" entry for the word "BLUR."

Chris is such a character and i couldn't help but draw him!

Inside:  "In the next scene, he SLAPS a bitch.  What a MAN!"   Brian's Manly Birthday card.

An invitation for the Eastheads (amazing artists in Bethlehem).  I figure if I make them a card they're at least guilted into an appearance, right?

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