Monday, November 2, 2009

It's about time

I started doing illustrations for "Illustration Friday" when it dawned on me that even if i wanted to submit something, i didn't have a site for it. So finally, a sketch blog! Here's a taste of what i've been up to and of course there will be sketches to follow.

I worked at Hershey park over the summer and met some really amazing artists.  Around Halloween, the park was pretty much abandoned due to inclement weather, but the workers had to be there regardless.  During that time, I drew myself and some co-workers as Zombies.

The head happens to be Alex, one of the best caricature artists i have met thus far! What a peach

Jesse is an artist from Hershey.  A great person to work with and apparently eat.

Mark is another fantastic Hershey Artist.  I drew this as tribute to the times i brought him hot chocolate in chilly weather. 

Another picture of mark utilizing his quite impressive pong skills at Randi's Halloween Party! He was dressed as an American Eagle Model.

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