Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Illustration commissions

When i'm asked to do caricatures on my own time, i like to do them more as an illustration rather than a park sketch.  To me, the time and effort is completely worth the outcome and its more fun for me as well.  My Pop came to me and asked if i would do one of his baseball players.  He said that he's a first baseman, plays ice hockey, and to somehow work in an eagle since he just received his Eagle Scout badge.  "Can you fit them all together? I know you'll come up with something."  Voila.

This illustration is for my uncle's bride to be!  She wanted her two nieces and nephew done.  They love to perform so i put them all on stage!  I'm pretty sure the Boba Fett outfit is my favorite part of this picture.


  1. Wow. The baseball player's body is really superb. Wonderful work Ali.