Wednesday, November 24, 2010

some computer stuff

i've been playing with illustrator a lot lately trying to bring what sketches i do that i actually like, to life.  They are very basic, but i love what my sketches look like finished.  I feel that i'm developing a style and working with that style, the images i see come out with a very graphic look.  Plus, the process is very quick and simple thanks to Jordan! 

The creature and the boy picture was made for an illustration book.  The entry was "the thing that ate stuff"
The dog was drawn for Melissa's class room.  Its Bella!

Octo-Pie!  Randi, this one's for you!

This one i did specifically to be a desktop background for my computer.  I like making weird but simple creatures.  This one reminded me of that monster from Ben Ten.  I like kid sue me.

These two are just random sketches i did in my sketch book.  The first i saw in some squiggles i drew in my sketch book and then finalized.  Jordan inspired the second one because he loves drawing animals doing not so cute things.

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